Fear is a feeling of anticipation towards the outcome of something.
It is an anxious feeling over something.

Fear is a negative feeling that is capable of generating other negative feelings that can lead to a set back in an individual.
Fear is created, it is nurtured inside of you, it’s an illusion that exist only in your head, and it has powers, if you create room for it’s powers to manifest in you.
Fear becomes real and begin to actualize when you let it dwell in you.

Hence, Fear is the beginning of failure.

Here are few steps on how to conquer fear.
Identity fear : The moment you identify fear, you automatically become awear of it’s existence in you, we are only capable of fighting what we have identify as wrong or not good for us. Most people live in fear, and these has been the architect of their failure, they never succeed or progress because of fear, and the worst part of this problem is not identifying that the problem is FEAR.

Identify what you are afraid of: Do you know what you are afraid of is usually what you are good for? You are actually excellent for that which scares you. The moment you overcome that particular thing that scares you, you will begin to realize that you were actually very good at it.
Fear creates negative energy and brings several flimsy excuses on why you can’t do this or that, or, why it’s not going to work for you, why you will fail and all of that. It’s all in your head. And remember the worst mistake we make is ‘thinking that other people think the way we think’.

Do exactly what makes you fear: The first step in overcoming fear is doing exactly that thing that scares you.
Are you afraid of the dark, ‘Stay in the dark alone’ keep doing this. And who knows, you might just like being in the dark.

“Everything you thought you weren’t because you never tried doing them, might just be exactly what you are”

Are you afraid of commitments? Try it, you might just be a great partnern or lover.
What are you afraid of? Failure? Challenge yourself, see how far you can go, you will be amazed how far you will go.

Most people are scared of failing, but they don’t know that fear is failure. You not trying at all because of fear is failure.

Let me talk about myself, who am I to be a writer? Before I started writing, fear came, as small as you are, do you think you will be able to talk to people out there? who are bigger, richer and even wiser than you? I replied fear. I’m not big, or rich or even smarter, but I have something to tell the world and I will, regardless of my size, age or anything. I will write.
And that’s how it started, and each day, am amazed at myself, things I never knew where in me began to unfold. Insight and Strength I never knew I had came to light.

Read Inspirational books or watch documentaries: A constant reminder of how in control you are of yourself will boost your spirit into relinquishing the fears that lies beneath you.
Knowing you have the power over a particular thing automatically gives you control over it.

Self awareness: When you are fully aware of yourself, you know your strength and weakness, you know what you can do and what you think you can’t do, you are fully aware, there will be no room for fear, because you can work on those things you are not good at, by practicing them ‘practice makes perfect’ you are in control, if you are self aware.

Work: In life, to be great or successful, it requires work, consistency, patience and faith. These are the basics to achieving success in life. The fear of failure is the beginning of failure itself.

Be Positive: Stay positive, that what you are trying out will work out, also, surround yourself with positive people that lift up your spirit with their words of encouragement, this will help you. Lastly, you have to have a positive mindset first to attract positivity to yourself.

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