It’s very important for you to take care of yourself within (Mentally) and without (Physically) if you want to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Everyone out there working on themselves mentally and physically are putting in so much hard work.
According to research 99% humans are mentally unstable due to some factors;
Environmental factor
Childhood Issues
Social isolation
Stress (Emotionally and other wise)
Abuse of various kind
Social disadvantage (Poverty)
Long-term health issue and so much more.

In one way or the other most of us have experienced either one or more from the factors listed above, and hence most people are still struggling with these problems.
To be physically sound, you need to be mentally sound and when you are mentally sound, it reflects physically on you. So basically staying fit starts from within you.

Therapy: Seeking help is important, usually things we never share with anyone affects us deeply.
Sharing your problem with a professional therapist is the first step to fixing you.
Even when you can’t identify the exact problem, a professional therapist can guide you in identifying the problem and also walking you through solving it.
Hence medical prescriptions can be recommended for you. Supplements, anti anxiety drugs or even narcotic drugs, depending on what you are dealing with.

As simple as it sounds, most people just hear the word meditation but have never practiced it their entire life. Please go ahead and read my article on Meditation for beginners to learn more.
Meditation enables you relax your mind and body, it gives you charge over your entire self.
If we all meditate, the world would be a better place.

Learn to rest: Take some time off when you need to, it will do you a whole lot of good. Often time we ignore our resting time because of that target we want to meet up with, we rest only when we are asleep and some individuals deny themselves from sleeping at all. Well! you are doing yourself more harm than good.

To rest or relax your mind, you can go on vacations, body massages or yoga.

Exercise; I advice you to take exercise very seriously, make it a lifestyle. You don’t have to exercise everyday, twice in a week is good.
You most not visit the gym either, any open space you can get enough fresh air is perfect for exercise. There are some really amazing mobile Apps for those that want to exercise at home.
I visit the gym occasionally, aside that, I mostly do my workouts at home. I use the Mobile App Workout Women.
Regardless of your weight, you need exercise if you want to live a more healthier life.

Take enough water daily;
As funny as this might sound, this simple act will keep you far away from your doctor. Adequate intake of water is good for your brain and other parts of your sensitive tissues, maintains your blood pressure and also promotes your skin health.

Eat healthy;
You are what you eat. It’s a little difficult to inculcate this habit. It takes discipline, determination and money to eat healthy. but it’s attainable. Eating healthy is very important.

Sufficient sleep;
For awhile I struggled with insomnia, infact sometimes I still do, I’m usually  very active at night depending on my activity during the day, but heaven knows, I don’t joke with my sleep when it comes knocking.
For those that are very busy during the day, sleeping at night is normal because of cause you will be exhausted after a long day, but shockingly some people still find it very difficult to sleep after a long day. Taking sleeping drugs or alcohol to make you sleep is a big No! the side effects are way too much to handle and pretty dangerous.

I will recommend a shower and a warm glass of milk, works for me all the time.
For those that work at night, let your day be your resting time. For those that work aggressively for short periods, like a week stretch or two weeks, you need to take the next two weeks out to rest.

Follow my guild lines in taking care of your mind and body, and see how your whole life will change for good.

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