If all your romantic relationships never work, or you get a continuous bad or similar treatment as your previous failed relationships, maybe it’s time to;

Evaluate yourself

It’s time you look deeply and thoroughly at who you are. Is it you? Is there something you are doing wrong?

Know what you’re looking for in a romantic relationship

Different individuals have what they seek and desire from an erotic relationship. Mr. A might want an exclusive relationship, while his partner is looking for something casual and not too serious. That is why the first thing you talk about before you consider jumping into any romantic relationship is asking your partner to be about what he or she wants in a relationship at the moment from their first answer you will know if you want to continue or not.

I know some people will want to get involved with you sometimes for the wrong reasons and would probably lie to you to align with what you want in a relationship at the start. But my darling, people like this will continually show you their true intentions through their actions.

If you continually get a different action to what anyone say’s to you, that person is not straightforward with you, or you are being blatantly lied to, there’s no double guessing this.

“One time is a mistake, two times might be a coincidence, three times, four times and continually is intentional and it is what it is”

In this case, your mistake will be failing for the first lie, now it will be up to you to correct your mistake and do the needful.

Compatibility check

You must find out your compatibility status before considering a relationship. Are you compactable intellectually? If it doesn’t matter to you do this border your partner. Can you both be intimate both emotionally and physically? In the beginning, it might look like “it shouldn’t matter” I hate to break it to you, but the fastest way to losing attraction for someone, mostly for women is lack of closeness or if their emotional needs aren’t met. This could be the major cause of cheating or even a breakup.

Be with someone that shares the same dream, goals, achievements, or similarities as you

This is important because change is inevitable, and people grow. If your partner isn’t growing in the same direction as you, there will be a drag on the relationship, one person will have to sacrifice their dreams, goals, and almost everything to sustain the relationship which in most cases most people regret making such sacrifices. I think it is unfair to make anyone give up everything for you.

Make room for flexibility, unlearning, learning, and mostly be more forgiving

In as much as you have finally seen the ideal person for you, bear in mind that humans aren’t perfect.

Someone from a different family, with a different upbringing, might do things differently from the way you do, and might interpret things differently as you would differ from them. Be willing to learn as you would unlearn some things too, and be ready to forgive as it might take a little bit longer to understand each other.

It’s hard to be with someone that is too rigid and selfish. It is a lot of work to be in a committed relationship why make things difficult?

Don’t lose yourself, don’t lose your charm

Try to remember who you are, and why you were chosen or accepted in the first place. Do not forget.

Lastly, Respect yourself.

“Respect they say is reciprocal”

I have seen a few people saying online that they don’t want a practical relationship, all they want is love.

Darling, love isn’t enough. You need much more than love. You have to design your manual in alignment with your partner’s manual. There have to be rules, codes of conduct, or guidelines.

If you’ve been struggling in keeping a relationship, follow these guidelines and watch how things take a new turn. There’s no rocket science to keeping a good and healthy relationship, only guidelines.

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