Disappointment in life is inevitable, no matter how good you are, how well you make your plans or how organized you are, you will encounter disappointment.

There are things in life that we can’t control, and there are things we can control. You don’t get to control what happen in life because you don’t know what tomorrow holds, but you can control how the changes in life affect you.

Why the world is referred to as a place filled with pains, is because of disappointments.

How disappointment can change you negatively

Most sad people in life, don’t even know they are sad, they live their lives in fear of getting hurt or disappointed, because they have been disappointed in the past. They deprive themselves from feeling really happy, and even when they realize they are happy with someone, they flee or try to stop it, in fear of getting disappointed and being hurt again.

They detach themselves from emotions, gradually they become cold. This is how disappointment can affect some people, it can cage You from exploring your emotions or happiness, it can also bestow trust issues in you.

Disappointment can make you expect the worse from people or from life itself.
When you always expects the worse from life, or from people it’s a way of devaluing your worth, you might know your worth, but when you are treated in a certain way that is not acceptable, you go with the flow because you have always expected the worse.

Every good thing that is happening to you, because you see it as too good to be true, you subconsciously wait for it to go bad.

When you are in a relationship, you put less or no work in anything that could have been, because you already see it all as a waste of your time.

For Business you constantly disbelief or struggle with your gut instincts to fudge ahead in fear of failure.

You hardly see things through even when there’s an insight.

How to turn your disappointments into having a positive mindeset

Don’t compare your past with your present

In your Business – Because a certain plan or method didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it can never work.
Try a different method and plan, be open minded to new techniques and logic.

It did not work in the past, who knows, you just might not be mentally ready.
Try again.

In your Relationship – This is abit different and somewhat simple.
If in the past you were disappointed in all your relationships, it doesn’t mean your present relationship holds the same fate.
In every past failed relationship, there are lessons learnt. Without being bias, pick out your lapses and work on them, in your next relationship because you are dealing with a different person entirely you still might not get it right, all you need is to understand whom you are involved with and find a way around it. You are already aware of yourself, you know your strength and weaknesses.

Also never compare any human being to another.

Know yourself and understand people, we are all different individuals, with different traits, characters and so have you. It’s  that simple.

Don’t take things too personal

When I say don’t take things too personal, I don’t  mean don’t take things seriously. I mean whatever anyone does to you, realize they have a reason and they see things from their own perspective, don’t compel people to always see things your own way, let them be and do what they want to do, that’s only how you will truly know who they are.

Respecting people’s decisions is a honorable thing to do, learn not to be disappointed by people’s believes or decision. 

Personally I have come to realize that people that lie to you, made a decision to lie to you, now instead of me being disappointed, all I want to know is why they lied, and it’s funny how when you try to understand why you were being lied to, some times all you get is more lies.

Instaed of being disappointed, which you will. Realize it’s their decision, see pass their lies and understand they choose to lie to you.
Once you understand this, you won’t take it too personal.

Learn from every disappointment

When you learn from disappointments you build yourself internally. You become a stronger and finer version of who you use to be.
Disappointments are experiences that should put you in the right direction of things you want to achieve, and because you have been hit first hand, you have an edge to avoiding it by building this characteristic I’m bringing to you.

Avoiding disappointments by not trusting anyone, saying a total good bye to love or shutting down your emotions generally, is wrong and this is you still living in fear.
I’m hammering on this, because a lot of people have given up like this, all in the name of disappointment, this is you not living trust me.
There’s so much out there for you to explore, all you need is to understand.

Do exactly what you think is right for you

Don’t leave your lane, if you do, you will either fail or you won’t keep up.
Know what works for you, know your strength, and do what you enjoy doing.
My favorite saying is

“Force no vibe”

Whatever is being forced, obviously doesn’t fit and what’s the point?
You will constantly struggle for everything to be ok, and why? Because it’s being forced this is not right for you.

Realize there are simpler ways to live your life.
Will you never get disappointed? No!
Will you always be disappointed? No!

Understanding is really everything. Don’t stop living your life while you are still alive, in fear of what might happen or in fear of what has happened.

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