What do you understand by Mental freedom? Let’s start with separating the sentence into two words ‘Mental’ and ‘freedom’ mental refers to the mind, your thoughts, reasoning, the way You analyze, understand, see and accept things generally. Freedom means Immunity, being able to do something without restrictions, without being obligated to.


Mental freedom is the ability to think freely without restrictions, ability to think things through on your own, analyzing your thoughts easily to your own understanding, being firm in your thoughts and seeing it through.

It’s having the power to inner liberty, stretching your thoughts, making your thinking unlimited, this can make you physically unstoppable.

The mind is like a vault, what you save is what you get, how small you save, is how small you get, how big you save is how big you get. Your mind is your engine house, that makes up who you are, the mind determines everything happening in your life, negative or positive.

Most people are mentally enslaved unknowingly, and some people don’t even have their own thoughts, their thoughts are always in alinement with a specific abiding Rules, Principles, or Label. They never generate a thought, build it into something productive.

In case you don’t understand the angle am coming from I will give an example.

“This would be the second time Laura will be losing her husband to cancer, and then she was labeled a lady with an ill luck with husbands, for six years Laura have refused to give herself a chance to love let alone be in any romantic relationship, because she believed she has bad luck with men (having a husband) and of cause she has been a sad woman all these years, she attended several programs to stay busy, even therapy classes on how to be happy and all failed”

What does Laura need?

Mental Freedom, she has a specific way of thinking, mood of reasoning, which comes out to play in her life daily, she has refuse to acknowledge that all her misfortune were not her fault, life happened, she was dwelling in the past, thinking in alignement with the labelled name she was given, her thoughts were restricted and always a sad thought at that.

  • You must think outside every negative emotion, if you want to be Mentally Free.
  • When you achieve Mental Freedom, people’s opinion won’t matter to you.
  • When you achieve Mental Freedom, you will begin to realize who you truly are.



Be willing and ready to learn – Learning involves everything in life, observation and trying to find out why things are the way they are, for instance, why you like a particular meal so much, or cloths so much, why you like a particular hanging spot a lot, why most people treat you the way they do, why you behave the way you do…. I could go on and on. But stay on the WHY? That’s one of the basics of learning.

Keep an open mind –Regardless of your religion or believes, the truth can hit you from a different angel, that’s if your mind is open. We tend to learn faster with an open mind.

Take control of your subconscious mind – What you tell your subconscious mind is what you get, be careful of what you conceive each day, if you had a bad day, there are better days ahead, dwell on that. ‘Or try to think of your better days before you head to bed, it’s really hard doing this after a bad day, ‘seem almost impossible’ but my dear, it’s very possible, just start the process and then your mind will take over, thereby creating a vivid picture of the past good days, at times remembering somethings  could actually make you smile, before you realize it, that weight of sadness is lifted and you will even realize your day wasn’t really as bad as it seem.

Lastly claim positivity and good thoughts always, if it’s possible for you to recite them every day do so.

Try not to worry too much – At some point in time every one worry, the difference is, some people worry a whole lot, and dwell in it. When people drink and smoke sometimes over what worries them, actually this gives a temporal mental freedom, drinking or smoking to stop the worry, at the point of you pouring the wine or lighting the smoke, you are telling your subconscious mind that I’m doing this to forget my worries’ and you will, the only difference is when you finally forget your worries you are not fully sane. Most people get inspiration only when they are high why? Because they become mentally free temporarily, this gives them an opportunity to think without restrictions.  And knowing how good this feels, most people resolve to drugs, or become alcoholics to seek mental freedom (this is wrong). thereby causing   health damage to themselves even mental problems, and then finally seeking help all over again to be free.

mental freedom


Find out what makes you truly happy, not whom – what makes you happy is what you should do, never relay on anyone for Happiness, doing what makes you happy, this is You finding happiness on your own by yourself. People can change your source of your happiness would be gone. Of course your partner makes you happy, that shouldn’t be the only source of your happiness. Sometimes take your time to indulge in things that excite you, could be sports, cooking, blogging or writing it could be anything. Stay active be it indoors or outside remain active. (An idle mind is the devils workshop)

Share ideas, interact with people and read books – The more you talk to people the more you find out other perspectives, other angles of thinking, (beware of people’s words even books, never channel your whole thought to alien any of this) be firm with your own thoughts, interaction and reading are just to help you develop your thinking, seeing things from different angles and enhancing your thoughts.

Take life easy, and give yourself a break – When you think of the fact that we will all die someday, you will be grateful for a lot of things, only the living will be thinking of getting that mansion before next year, take some deep breath, tell yourself you are doing your best ‘if you truly are’ learn to rest not give up.

Love yourself – if you love yourself, you would take care of yourself, think of yourself and want the very best for yourself, don’t go living your whole life for anyone, when I mean anyone, including your spouse, children, parents, siblings, lover or friends (of cause you would love all this people but love yourself first) when you love yourself you are automatically building an inner confidence, and this will enhance your personal growth.

Eat healthy and stay fit – Exercise is one of the best ways to clear your head, it also activates a positive energy from within, it’s essential for your health too.

Eat good food.


Make this a routine and see how miraculously your life will change.

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