Depression is the occurrence of mood change, mostly sadness, lose of interest in your usual activities, having the urge or being comfortable with isolating yourself from everyone, above all,
depression is a sickness.

Acute depression: If you fall under this category, you need to see a doctor and a mental health professional.

How to identify acute depression

  • Too frequent
  • Long lasting
  • Not being able to identify cause of depression sometimes

Causes of acute depression
Inherited traits: Most folks inherited this disorder called depression, from the gene.

Brian chemistry: this is a medical condition, where there’s a disorder in the neurotransmitter of the brain that enables the stability of moods.

Grief: holding tightly to the loss of loved ones, close friends or family, not letting go and dwelling so long grieving.


Terminal illness (Cancer & others):
Folks with terminal illness, it’s not actually the illness that kills them, the illness is just the cause of the main problem that actually kills them. Most folks with terminal diseases / illness do not only suffer from depression, they suffer from self pity and other mental problems, this quickens the crisis process and escalates their illness and finally leads to their death.

Side effects of acute depression

  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide
  • Hopeless feelings & emptiness
  • Unidentified physical pains, headaches,
  • backaches or stomach pain
  • Abrupt weight loss or weight gain
  • Dizziness and tiredness
  • Social isolation
  • Always angry
  • Forgetfulness
  • Cutting yourself

Remedy for acute depression

  • See a doctor for a long term treatment
  • Talk to a mental health professional

Menial depression: this are the kind that happens occasionally, periodically or are usually triggered by someone, something / activities, 99.9 percent of the people all over the world suffer from this kind of depression, although it’s still abnormal and remains a disorder.
It could be avoided but never ignored once you let it set in.
The easiest way of avoiding this depression is to identify the cause before hand, know the cure for it (could be anything) so long it works for you.

Menial depression could be very tricky, it could make you conform to the sadness mood in minutes, if it’s not identified on time.

“For me dancing is my cure for menial depression”

I say it’s tricky because you could want to try to avoid it, but instead you might quicken it.

I have tried stopping depression with a slow music and it made it worse, so annoying!.
Never talk to Jerks, insensitive or unreliable people when you are about to be depressed, even when you talk to that person you are sure could make it all go away, start with ‘I don’t feel happy’ or ‘I think am about to be depressed’ this way the person will give you utmost attention if they truly care.

I hear some people say I like to go through this phase alone, that’s not a healthy way to avoid / cure depression, first of all you can’t go through it alone, even if u want to, something or someone have to help you avoid it, if nothing or no one is helping you, and you just lie down there, waiting for it to pass, you are already depressed at this point.

Folks that says alcohol / drugs help them conquer depression, my dear, you just worsen your case, shortly you will be an addict and soon you will begin to experience acute depression. This could lead to so many mental / behavioral problems, in some cases leads to death.
I don’t mean to scare you, it’s just the truth, people take their own life everyday and we begin to wonder what happened, it all started a long time ago, taking their lives was just an end result to an existing problem. No one wakes up one day and just take his or her life.


I am hitting on the menial depression because it is very common. The moment you begin to enjoy being depressed, it’s a sign of an acute depression stepping in.

“Don’t confuse depression with the urge of wanting an alone time to meditate”

How to identify when you want to be alone to reflect; There won’t be that aura of sadness or lose of total interest and hopeless feeling, take note.
Hence, an alone time is very important and a necessity for every grownup, even kids too, you’ll notice when they are not in the right mood, same thing goes to other lower animals, if you never want or have the urge to be alone to reflect, well! There’s a problem.

How to identify menial depression

  • Not frequent
  • You can identify the cause
  • Happens for a short period

Causes of menial depression

  • Low-self esteem
  • Stress
  • Relationship problem
  • Emotional instability
  • Hormones
  • Pressure

Side effects of menial depression

  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Social isolation
  • Behavioral problems
  • Addiction (alcohol or drugs)

Remedy for menial depression

  • Talk to a mental health professional
  • Surround yourself with friends with positive mindset
  • Stay active
  • Exercise at least 3 times in a week
  • Figure out what triggers depression for you
  • Find a healthy way to avoid depression
  • Boost your self esteem by reading articles on mental health and others


Can one be totally free form depression? (Yes) seems almost impossible, but it is very possible.


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