Letting go! is the magic to recovering from any pain, hurts and disappointments, keeping memories of painful events, memories in our heart hinders us from

  • Healing
  • Moving on
  • Beings happy
  • Having peace of mind

When you refuse to forget there’s a constant reminder of that particular pain in your heart, whenever anything triggers the unforgotten painful memory the pain felt will be as fresh as yesterday.


This is not only dangerous to your health, it’s hinders you from moving forward in life.

Healing starts from the heart, because that’s where the pain was felt, that’s the wounded area that needs to be healed. The only medicine for this wound is to let go!.


Acknowledge the reality – Accept what has happened, cry if you most, starve, scream, asides taking your own life and any other life, do what it takes to let the pain out.

Talk to someone about it – share your pain with either a professional therapist or a trust worthy friend you can relay on for a reasonable response.

Stay active – during your process of healing, avoid being alone or inactive, stay active, indulge yourself in things that makes you happy.

Ensure you stay around people with positive energy

Do something very different from the usual you – Doing same old things might trigger memories that can break you down.

Accept change – Change is constant, like it or not nothing last forever, truth is often times we forget this. Try to enjoy your new start, embrace new beginnings and make your effort worth it.

Grow yourself / Train your mind – everything painful that happens to us either add something to our lives or kills something, do not loose your selfI’ve heard this a lot ‘ I got heart broken that’s why I can’t love anyone, my dear, the wrong person broke your heart, you want to make the right person pay? Asides that, something good in you died which was the ability to be affectionate and the ability to love. You are at lose.

In the process of healing never accept negative thoughts, it will ruin you.

Stay away from drugs / alcohol –  It’s understandable if at the moment of your pain you couldn’t take it and just needed to rest your head, ‘sleep’ that’s understandable, but a constant continuity of this will lead to addiction, and that’s a very big problem. (Don’t keep any drugs or alcohol at home) this would help.

Master the ability to remain calm – When you are alone, while you are thinking of random thoughts, if the thought of the painful memory flip through your mind try not to get worked up! Because it’s something you cannot change, remember how hard you grieved and how far you’ve come in healing, give yourself some credit ‘I’ve tried’ you can say it out loud if you want. ‘I want to be happy.’ Oh yes! You deserve to be happy

Taking a shower at this point will help to calm you

And boom! after months, years depending on the individual, you will notice that You hardly think about that painful memory, and whenever you remember the memory, the pain won’t be as fresh.


We all have different minds and how we process thoughts. For some, healing might be faster and others very slow. Take your time, every single step in a healing process makes a difference.


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