Addiction is a total lose of control towards a particular thing. It’s the continuity of doing something with the full knowledge of the harm it might cause.


Addiction is something you solely depend on, to help you move on with your daily activities. It’s something you can’t do without.

Addiction is a chronic disease that kills an individual slowly.

Hence, addiction is very complex, most folks are addicted to one thing or the other.

Types of addiction
Addicted to a habit
Addicted to a substance

Causes of addition
Causes of addiction varies.
It could be either environmental, physical, mental or emotional factor.

They all work hand in hand.
For instance, someone physically abused might end up with a mental disorder, or emotional disorder / instability.

A pressured youth, suffering from anxiety is prone to also suffer from emotional instability.


Heartbreak and grief can also cause emotional instability.

All these factors could lead to habitual addiction or the use of substance disorder.

Habitual addiction
Serial killing
Sex freaks

Substance disorder

Both types of addiction could also work hand in hand. In time, if you are addicted to a particular habit and for some reason you can’t do that particular thing that you lean on to carry you for the day, you will seek for a substitute.

Also for an individual addicted to taking any substance. Alcohol or Drugs, in time the intake or quantity will have to increase to get the desired satisfaction.

Side effects of addiction
Causes problems in Relationships, Family, Business, School, Workplace, etc.

Cure or treatment for addiction
Long-term medical and mental threament
Total abstinence

Nonetheless, so many people out there are addicted to things they don’t even know they are addicted to. The easiest way to identify an addiction is being desperate for something to make you feel alright.


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