Love is a powerful feeling that breaks all protocol.
It’s a feeling that you can’t restrain or resist.

Love is free, and cannot be traded for anything.

You can’t detect where or when love comes. When true love hits you, the purness and real nature of love, remotes your heart, body and soul, you will do things out of goodness, compassion and empathy. Love have the ultimate power to change anyone.

Most folks will say love weakens you, on the contrary, Love strengthens you.

Love is felt and expressed subconsciously.
Love is like a sparkle that makes you feel alive and young from the inside.
Love is beautiful, it gives you a clear vision to see a special kind of beauty in another person.

Love is patient, you can’t demand love.
Love is unlimited, it has no limitations, no boundaries, no expiring date, love is forever.

Love is more than you can imagine, love is more than you can explain or control.
Love is above you, it’s a force of nature.

Love cannot be humanly designed or manipulated.

Love is real and true.

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