As you grow older, you will discover that there’s more to life.

For some people, they act much more older than their age, because of their experience while growing up, they were exposed to the world early, they saw what life was all about at a very early age. For the normal average people it’s just stages, from being a child to becoming an adolescent then growing into a full adult.

There was a time when all I worried about was new hair styles, fashion, fun time with friends and absolutely nothing relevant. I had no real fears neither have I experienced how it feels like to be really depressed. I remember being anxious about my exams but it was for a really short period, it was nothing serious at all.

Growing up is a lot, most times you never stop thinking of your next move, what direction to take, making the right decisions, how to make stable income, choosing the right partner, being a better person, chasing your dreams and so much more.

And in all of these, life keep hitting you left and right, front and back. Years keep going and things keep changing.

Trust me is overwhelming and scary, when you can’t control what’s happening, all you can do is to control how it’s affecting you, how to fix it, how to survive regardless.

The fear of not accomplishing your plans causes anxiety.

The fear of being a failure causes anxiety.

The fear of the unknown, pressure from here and there, expectations. All of these are the causes of anxiety.

Be you from a wealthy family, an average or poor family, we all suffer from anxiety at some point in time.

Anything that stress or pressure you, can cause anxiety.

Controlling anxiety

Realise anxiety is part of growing – Feeling anxious about something could be desiring that particular thing and working towards whatever you desire is good.

Exercise – Being an adult, you will realise that your brain does more of the work than your body.
Secreting sweat from your body pores helps relief you from anxiety.

For those that have little or no time to hit the gym because they have limited time to rest, or for those that are lazy to go to the gym, there’s alot you can achieve on your own.

I personally do my excerise on my own, although I get online tips from professional gym instructors but I do my exercise at home.

Stay away from social media for awhile  – It’s no news that social media has done more harm than good to the society. It’s a big distraction, also 99% of the information you see on social media are false.

If you think you not being there, is you missing out on something, you are missing out on absolutely nothing than saving yourself from believing alot of fake stories. Thereby adding to the pressure you already have.

Reduce your circle of friends – If you are friends with anyone who doesn’t think like you, share the same or similar goals as yours, improve or inspire you mentally and other wise, then I don’t see why you should be friends with them.

Having irrelevant friends, will confuse and pressure you.

Cutting out irrelevant friends is reducing your pressure.

Listening to music and dancing – You may find this funny, but it works like magic, asides from taking away your anxiety it can take away a total bad day and just magically turn your day around.

It’s like a child playing, no shame, no worries and zero fears, just a loud music and you dancing to it. It’s a therapy you should definitely try.

Learn to rest, not give up – To subscribe to drugs just to survive the day is a way of giving up, doing anything that is not healthy for your health or for your body generally, just to temporarily forget your worries is you scamming yourself, take that from me.

At dawn you are coming back to face all that troubles you, and the sad news is, this time you are adding an addiction to the many troubles you are facing presently. Because wether you like or not at some point, you will need to deal with your addiction too.

Rest, give yourself a little break, catch your breath. If today you couldn’t figure it out, wait it out, tomorrow you is another day.

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