Intuition is gathering information without proof or evidence. It is a regeneration of stored information from our senses into another information from the mind.

Intuition is vast, it could be seen as a power or a gift, that is drawn from your mind, it’s a gut feeling of knowing something without the ability of explaining how you knew them.

I have been avoiding to write an article on Intuition for a while because, I myself, can not really explain it in a way you would totally understand.

Throwing some light and examples, and also with the fact that in some occasions it must have happened to you, you should be able to comprehend my message.

The ability of sensing something, without clarity, is Intiution. Intuitions don’t just happen, our mind is a vault, it stores all informations. Photographic Information, Vocal Informations, Sense of smell and otherwise, all these informations plays a vital role in our intuitive feeling.

Your intuition don’t necessarily mean you are right, your intuitive feeling might be sending you the right information, and you might be implementing these information wrongly, also, sometimes your gut feelings might be right, just as you felt.

Depending on how you practice on listening to your inner voice or gut feeling, these could make you a powerful person, it could help you in making decisions in life as well.

Our minds stores informations and most of the time, hunches comes from these informations that is being stored subconsciously.

For example __ Andrew has been dating Juliet for some time now, and these two have been in touch regardless of the distances, based on communication, it still feel like they see each other everyday. Andrew knew Juliet’s schedule, same thing applies to Juliet, and these information in time was stored in both minds subconsciously.

Now Juliet has recently been having a change in schedule, although Andrew consciously did not doubt her change in schedule, but subconsciously he has a problem reconciling this new change in her schedule. And this went on for quite some time.

One day, Andrew decided to visit, but Juliet came up with excuses, saying she won’t be free, because of her work schedule, now, these stored information in Andrew’s subconscious mind triggers an intuitive feeling of Juliet lieing to him.

For most people, their intuition could drive them like a drug, to find out if their gut feeling is right, while for some people, fear of the unknown kills the urge to make anymove.

So Andrew travelled all the way to find out what’s happening, he went straight to Juliet home, called her and she said she was at work. she’s a nurse. Andrew went straight to the hospital where she works and waited for seven hours before he could see her, as he was told when he got there, that she’s in a surgical room. Finally he saw her and he was wrong.

Now on the other hand.

Andrew traveled all the way to find out what’s happening, he went straight to Juliet’s home, called her and she said she was at work, he went to the hospital where she works and he was told Juliet took two weeks leave for a vacation.

Andrew called Juliet, told her all he knew, and after hearing this, Juliet opened up to him, that she’s seeing someone else. And Andrew’s intutive feeling was right.

I used an example on relationship because most of us would be more familiar with it. That feeling of knowing something without actually knowing anything.

Professor Allen was asked why she highered the youngest and less experienced applicant. And her answer was ‘I highered him because my gut feeling tells me he would deliver’ Now, Professor Allen just made a decisions based on her intuition, she could be right or wrong.

One thing is sure, the more you listen to your inner voice (Intuition) the more accurate it becomes, that’s the mystical power behind intuitive feelings.

I earlier said our senses play vital roles in our Intuitive feeling.

Do you know the eyes sees beyound just the visiual of anything or anyone it sees?
When the eyes sees, the brain process, the mind stores.
Now most people can’t tell or don’t know because they haven’t exploir that part of their mind, they can’t call out informations from their mind.

Have you heard of the word Deja vu?
Seeing something that looks very familiar as if you have seen them before or being in a scenario that seem so familiar that you could predict what’s going to happen next and it happenes the way you said they would?

These are stored information that the mind brings out, sometimes it’s that glaring, and for a moment you feel the power of your mind. That’s actually a glimpse of what your mind is capable of doing.

But Deja vu is different from intuition, although these are both information that comes from the mind, I just used it as an example for more clarity.

Same thing to when we perceive smell, your nose persive and the brian processes then the mind stores, same as hearing.

All this senses are stored, and in time they generate informations for you.

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