Self denial is putting aside your own want for others. Or sacrificing what you want for a greater good or benefit.

This topic, ‘Self Denial’ is really vast and pretty tricky in the sense that, for some people, Self Denial could mean a good thing and for others it could be totally wrong.

Do you think setting aside your wants or needs for someone else or something is right?
Do you think is wrong?

In most religion, Self Denial is practiced and it’s seen as normal or rather acceptable. I won’t discuss deeply on the topic Self Denial, relating to religion because I want to explain Self Denial in a very simple way, carrying everyone along regardless of your religion.

Based on gender
Women – Women are seen or rather labelled as keepers, followers, and this has in a way been a limitation to these gender Women Over time, Women lean on the opposite gender for support, because of the label which was derived from culture and tradition. Although it has it’s  positive and negative effects on these gender.

Positive effects

A woman is said to have that inner strength to keep and multitask at ease. Her femininity and her softness makes her seem like the weaker being that needs a protector. Her fragile nature is perceived as one who needs guidance.
Well, the truth is

“When you are at watch, you can’t be the one partying”

If you understand what I mean.

For instance, a mother denies herself from her needs and wants for the greater good of her children or family.
They are the children of tomorrow yea? Her denial is for the good of not just her children, but for her community, her country, and the nation. Who knows.

Negative effects of self denial for women

  • Self Denial can be overwhelming, and could actually lead to mental illness.
  • Self Denial can lead to stagnation in life.
  • Self Denial might make you unhappy.
  • Self Denial might result to not living and not discovering your full potentials.
  • Self Denial is a limitation

Based on gender
Men – A man is said to be stronger, because of his masculinity, and this has made so many men not to voice out how they truly feel. Keeping up to this expectation and denying their feelings is self denial, the worst kind at that.
For instance, they say a man is not meant to cry. why?
A lot of men have suffered in silence to prove or live up to the expectation of being strong. Do you know, most men are fragile than some women? Even with the physical strength there is a softeness within. And because of the label derived from the belief that a man should be strong, these men are compelled to remain strong by denial.

Note that self denial in men also has a smililar positive effect as the female gender.

Negative Effects of Self Denial for Men 

  • Lost in the moment, over thinking.
  • Anger.
  • Emotional Instability.
  • Confused.

In life, you need to find a balance in everything. Sacrificing your want for a greater good is right, but it doesn’t mean it’s not wrong either to do this all the time.
Until you find a balance, this is not okay.

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