Trust simply means believing in the honesty and realiability of others.
People experiences in life can determine how they trust others.
Growing up as a child, your encounter with different people plays a huge role in your life. To trust others or lack trust for others depends on the environment and experiences throughout a person’s life.

Trust is important for a person to function properly, lack of trust can lead to constant fear.
It’s true that at some point in life we all battle with trust, whom to trust and whom not to. Ones in a while it’s healthy to question yourself and also caution yourself about trusting people. But to constantly lack trust for people is not healthy.

Trust Issues means lack of trust for other people.
Carrying forth past disappointments into the present and thereby creating an unhealthy defense mechanism to avoid further disappointments.


Lack of Intimacy 

Constant Suspicion and anxiety 

Unhealthy obsessive thoughts 

Constant believe that others are deceptive without proof

Avoidance of any feelings that can develop vulnerability. Eg ‘Love’ 


Abuse: most individuals that has gone through physical violation (Rape or Assault) or Trumatic events (Heartbreak, Accident or Illness) are likely to develop trust Issues. 

Social Rejection: Being rejected or constantly bullied by peers might in time make an individual develop lack of trust for people, and it can also make these individual dislike people generally.

Low Self Esteem: Individuals with low self esteem can develop Trust Issues because they constantly want to protect themselves by not letting others into their lives, lack of confident in themselves makes them constantly paranoid about other people’s intention towards them.


Stagnation: Trust Issues can make a person stagnant in life, because you need trust to function with people generally.You need trust in your relationship, your workplace and in your business. Literally you need trust with people in visually every areas of life.

Anxiety: Trust Issues can make an individual constantly live in fear, worrying over things that has not happened, and might likely never happen.Trust issues can make an individual develop unpleasant emotion in anticipation of disappointment or misfortune.

Post-traumatic stress and Paranoia: Individuals with Trust Issues often relplay unpleasant occurrence from their past and this can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia.



Overcoming fear

Live in the present, don’t dwell in the past

Learn from your mistakes 

Realize people are different 

Give yourself another chance 

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