Power means control, to be in possession to control something, someone or people in general.

To ultimately poses power, it’s a mindset.
Some people are powerful from within while some learn to possess power from their status, title or position.

For example, being a President Governor, CEO, a Pastor and so on.
Either ways, to become any of these there have to be a hunger for power in you.

powerful people by mindset

These kinds don’t need a position to possess power or to take control.

They get what they want because they feel they can, and think they are entitled to get it.

These kinds are true influencers of people, either positively or negatively depending on who they are.

They are mostly big thinkers, they see themselves above the average human beings.

They do things differently because they feel different from others, they like to show their uniqueness by their actions and even words.

They like to be in charge in everything that involves them.

They are mostly deep planners

Powerful people by position, status or title

Ever wondered why someone in a position to take charge or take control still lack the ability to do so?
Or have you heard or seen someone in a position to control things or people, yet he/she still lack the ability to do so?

This is because the power is not activated from the mind.

These kinds learn to possess power by practice, until gradually it is been instilled in them subconsciously.

They gradually learn how to possess control with time.

I personally is indifferent about ‘POWER’ although it has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
I’m not eager for it because I know how it can mess with your mind as a human being.

You think people changed because they gained a position that gives them power to possess control?
No dear, they have always been that way.

Power magnifies who you are.

Are there good people with a powerful mindset? Yes!
But the truth is, power is all about control, and once you have that powerful mindset, you have the mindset to control, it’s as simple as that.
It reflects in every area of your life, your perspective, your work, or relationship, your interaction with people, and every single thing you do.

Advantages of power

Good people with powerful mindsets are positive influencers, builders and strong people generally.

Power ignites your guts, thereby making you a goal getter.

Power increases your boldness and boosts your confidence.

Disadvantages of power

Power can make you see people less, and you treat people the way you perceive them.

Sometimes power can make you arrogant, proud and a snub, It depends on your personality.

Power can make you stubborn. That perspective of seeing and doing things your own way can make you rigid to taking advice or listening to other people’s opinion.

Power can make you constantly want to be in control, and when you can’t, you manipulate people for that same purpose ‘CONTROL’

Hence, power can intoxicate you mostly negatively. 

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